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Denim Patchwork Mask - Adult Size - 5-Pack


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This pack contains 5 premium disposable adult size face masks in a Blue Denim Patchwork print.

• Pull on style with ear loops
• 100% recycled polypropylene: 68% Non-woven fabric, 30% melt blown fabric, 2% ear loops, and aluminum nose bar
• With proper care, a single barrière mask can be used approximately 8-10 hours. To keep it clean during its daily use, store your mask safely in resealable mask packaging. These masks should never be washed.
• Made in China in a FDA and CE certified medical goods factory whose masks are registered as medical devices under FDA code 501(k)
• Due to the nature of this product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL

barrière masks are premium, disposable, protective face masks that filter out dust, bacteria, and pollen. Masks are lightweight, easy to breathe through, and feature an aluminum nose piece for a more secure fit, and soft ear loops for sensitive skin. They are made in a FDA / CE certified factory and tested for BFE, PFE, breathing / splash resistance, and flammability.